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[Sticky] What this place is all about.

Everyone's Favorite Admin

Hey guys! Your beloved LSLF host, Box here.

Just wanna give you all a quick overview of why exactly we're opening this forum here.

Firstly, the main reason I wanted to do this. A week or two ago I had the thought that a fair number of people would be far more likely to attend firearms classes, force-on-force classes, medical classes etc. if they had a some other people to go with, whether it's just one or two other dudes or an entire group of people. A simple post on Facebook confirmed that.
So, I thought it would be good to have a central place for us all to gather online (that isn't ran by commies. This site is hosted on a private server, fyi) and be able to both discuss classes we've taken, classes we would like to attend, and find other people that would like to attend those classes.
Really, this place is about building a community of like-minded folk that enjoy getting out and training together. We already have a pretty great community built online, but I would like to start building this community *offline* as well. I think classes and training is a pretty great way to do that.

Secondly. I think we've made our feelings toward Facebook, Instagram, etc. pretty clear. More and more tech companies are shutting down people like us and making it more and more difficult for communities like this to grow online. Like I mentioned above, this site is hosted on a private server, and for the most part, those issues aren't really a problem here. We're not going to shut down our Facebook page or group, but we would really like to start migrating over to this platform. Personally, I enjoy the forum layout more than the social media layout anyway. It's more conducive to actual conversation and thought-out replies rather than just hundreds of tagged people and GIFs.

So that's what we're about in a nutshell!
We've never ran a forum before, so bear with us if things are a little fucky right off the bat. I'll throw up a "Suggestions" category where you guys can put up any ideas you may have that could make this place more engaging and interesting to you, ideas for different topics, or to report any issues that you might have with the site.

Let's get to some classes and start building this place!
What classes would you like to get to first? Post 'em in the "Let's Go To A Class" forum!

Topic starter Posted : September 28, 2021 11:03 am

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