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Mental-Illness Behavior: Sin or Sickness?" by Dr. Derek Guyton, a groundbreaking book that provides an intimate look into the complex world of mental health.

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Mental-Illness Behavior: Sin or Sickness?" by Dr. Derek Guyton, a groundbreaking book that provides an intimate look into the complex world of mental health. This book aims to shed light on the struggles and stigmas associated with mental illness and to offer hope and understanding to those affected by it.


A Passionate Endeavor to Reduce Stigma

Dr. Derek Guyton's passion and dedication to this book are evident throughout its pages. His goal of helping others struggling with mental illness is clear, as he shares his personal journey and insights with readers. "Mental-Illness Behavior: Sin or Sickness?" is not just a book; it is a heartfelt endeavor to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and to promote a more aware, understanding, and compassionate society.


Insightful and Firsthand Perspective

The book has garnered praise for its insightful content, particularly from those who have encountered mental illnesses only theoretically through studies. Thomas Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, and Karen Almeida, Assistant Editor at Literary Titan, have both highlighted the book's profound impact. Anderson noted, "I found this book particularly insightful, as it provided a firsthand perspective on the illnesses I have only encountered theoretically through studies. I believe that the willingness of individuals like Guyton to share their stories is helping to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health."


A Comprehensive Resource for All

"Mental-Illness Behavior: Sin or Sickness?" is an excellent read for a diverse audience, including individuals dealing with mental health struggles, their family and friends, and psychology students and professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding of this complex topic. As Anderson puts it, "This book is the Bible for mental health families...they can always skip the information they don't need. Your experiences are a baseline for your readers. Derek, this is exceptional."


An Emotional Journey

Readers have found the book to be an emotional journey, filled with memories, tips, and a deep understanding of the daily struggles faced by those with mental illness. Meri, a reader, shared, "I had to lay it aside several times then resume reading, proofing because I was so ignorant as to the torment and suffering of persons who live with mental illness... the daily struggles, the lack of compassion and understanding from parents, siblings... of course passersby. No help. No hope. I wept."


Confession and Healing

Dr. Guyton's honesty and vulnerability in sharing his experiences have been a source of healing and understanding for many. He writes, "Confession can be good for the soul but bad for your reputation. My reputation has been shot since 2007. Confession by this book is good for my soul. I have not ministered in the church since I got sick in 2007. Embarrassment has already taken its course. What am I trying to protect?"


Addressing the Stigma

One of the most powerful aspects of Dr. Guyton's book is his candid discussion of the stigma he faced, particularly within the church. He writes, "For me, the stigma in the church was the worst. I must deal with sin and sickness. The sin is spiritual failure and demonic influence. Before I became a Christian, I was hiding my mental sickness does not sin."


A Must-Read for All

"Mental-Illness Behavior: Sin or Sickness?" is written for family and friends of those with mental health challenges, as well as for individuals living with mental illness. Dr. Guyton invites readers to laugh, cry, and get angry with him as they experience his journey. His book is a testament to the power of sharing one's story and the impact it can have on reducing stigma and promoting understanding.


About the Author

Dr. Derek Guyton holds a B.A. degree, two master's degrees, and two doctorate degrees. He has received two parenting awards and has dedicated his life to helping others through his roles as a teacher, CEO, and pastor.



"Mental-Illness Behavior: Sin or Sickness?" is now available for purchase on major platforms, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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