Episode 66: Concealed Carry Overalls, Universe 25, and The Best Time in History

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Episode Summary:

Down a host, this is an extra special episode.

Box and Johnson dig deep into some of life’s biggest questions. Questions like, “How do you carry concealed in overalls”, and “What’s the key to happiness?”
They discuss an experiment conducted in the 60’s called “Universe 25”, an experiment that has been used as a model for society many times throughout the years.
The bleak outlook of this experiment leads to a short discussion about living in the best possible time in history, and how much your quality of life can increase by eliminating social media and the constant need for connection through your phone.
That in turn leads to an in depth conversation discussing the fine line between happiness and fighting for what’s right.

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Concealed Carry Overalls – 13:45

Universe 25 – 17:50

Living In The Best of Times – 39:10

Life Without Phones/Social Media – 45:10

Choice to be Happy, Or To Fight? – 1.01:50


Universe 25 Experiment: https://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/universe-25-the-mouse-utopia-experiment-that-turned-into-an-apocalypse/

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