TikTok & YouTube Shorts Are MAKING YOU DUMBER: LSLF Podcast #76

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Episode Summary:

NFL player Jonathan Allen tweeted that one of the three people throughout history he’d most like to have dinner with would be Hitler. This of course didn’t sit well with some people, and that sparks a conversation about context, why it matters, why people are caring about it less and less, and how TikTok and YT Shorts are contributing to the problem. Other topics in this episode include 3d printing, an update on what’s happening in Canada, Beto O’Rourke doing a 180 to run for Governor of Texas, the magazine ban in Washington, and Juggernaut Tactical.


6:20 3D Printing

17:00 Whiskey of the Week

23:33 Freedom Disciples

26:40 Beto Changes his Tune

33:31 Washington Mag Ban

43:41 Juggernaut Tactical

52:46 TikTik is Making You Dumber

1:21:04 Weird News


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