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Episode Summary:

Signal is a useful encrypted messaging app for those of us that value our privacy, and you guessed it, The government wants to outlaw it! The guys talk about how it’s becoming “unreasonable” to just want to be left alone and to value your privacy and freedom.
On the flip side, we also discuss the [rhymes with smaccine] mandate recently being shot down in the Supreme Court, and the influence the United States has on other nations and vice versa. PLUS, six more states are working on passing constitutional carry, and if passed, HALF of the country would have done so.


0:00 – Intro

7:55Whiskey of the week Larceny

17:17 – Supreme court shoots down vaccine mandate

38:08 – Six more states for CC this year?

54:05 – Signal and encryption

1:04:55 – Home defense vs carry classes


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