The IRS Wants STOLEN GOODS Reported On Your TAXES, And A General Theme of Stupid: LSLF Episode #73

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Episode Summary:

Welcome to Episode 73!  We talk about the unfortunate passing of Betty White this week(15:32) while we sip on a brand new Whiskey of the Week.  This leads into a conversation about how much has changed in the past 99 years of her life, and how much it will in the next 99.  Then we dive into the question of whether or not the “Great Reset” is coming and what it will look like in small town Iowa if it does.  Box has a rant about how people are laughably ignorant when it comes to how nature works, which ties in nicely with the theme of stupid people, as we discuss the IRS asking criminals to pay taxes on their stolen goods.  And lastly, have our Weird News Segment, which never disappoints.


Whiskey of the Week: 04:00
99 Years Ago vs. Now: 15:32
The “Great Reset”: 29:00
Humans VS. Nature: 48:00

Reporting Stolen Goods On Taxes: 58:00

Weird News 1:17:20


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