Gears n Beers Ep.53: Springfield Hellcat Pro, Revo Arms IS9, US Companies Sending Ukraine Ammo

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Episode Summary:

Welcome to Episode 53 of Gears n Beers, the live segment of the LSLF Podcast, where we talk about gear we love, gear we hate, industry news and whatever else trips our Freedom boners.   Tonight, we talk about the brand new offering from Springfield, the Hellcat Pro.   With everyone loving to hate the XD line so much, is Springfield headed in the right direction?  Then we have a short update on form 1 suppressors, with quite a few approvals in the last few days.

A new offering from an Italian company, the Revo Arms IS9 is one of those super low bore axis guns that generally are a ton of money, but the price point on this one is awesome.  We have high hopes for it.  Box touches on shipmygun dot com, which is exactly what it sounds like, a cheaper way to ship firearms.  And lastly, we hit on American companies shipping millions of rounds to Ukraine.  Some people seem to have their panties in a twist over it, is it warranted?

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7:45 Springfield Hellcat Pro 

16:53 Form 1 Suppressors Being Approved Again

30:20 Revo Arms IS9

50:00 Ship My Gun .Com

59:18 US Companies Shipping Ammo to Ukraine

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