Gears n Beers Ep.46: BULLPUP Your STRIBOG, Electronic Form-4‘s return, & The Sig MCX Raptor?

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Episode Summary:

Tonight we talk about Palmetto State Armory teaming up with Right to Bear Insurance to offer carry insurance, the ATF is planning on allowing form 4’s to be electronically submitted, the Sig MCX Raptor, a bumpstock case is referred up to the Supreme Court and we’re hopeful they will take the case, we have another question of the week, the JTAC Industries L1 Grand Power Stribog Bullpup Lower Receiver, and finally another Cool Gear Under $50.  


Right to Bear Insurance (8:40)

Sig MCX Raptor(29:05)

Bumpstock case (48:17)

Question of the week (57:50)

JTAC Industries L1 Grand Power Stribog Bullpup Lower (1:04:27)

Cool Gear Under $50 (1:21:01)

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Right To bear Insurance:

Sig MCX Raptor:

Bumpstock case:

JTAC Industires:

Cool Gear:

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