Gears n Beers Ep.41: Rare Breed Sues Big Daddy, Red Flag Laws PASSED, and Are Backup Irons Irrelevant?

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Episode Summary:

Tonight’s show starts off with a quick chat about the LSLF Forum, why we started it, and where we want it to go. Then we jump right into some updates in the News segment, the first being Cloud Defensive’s announcement that they will be releasing not one, but TWO pistol lights. They have also released a few specs about these lights, and they do not disappoint.

The second update in the News is about Rare Breed Triggers, of course. The FRT-15 manufacturer has announced that they are suing Big Daddy Unlimited for patent infringement over their recently released WOT (Wide Open Triggers) Hard Reset Trigger.
Rounding out the news segment is the NDAA bill that includes Red Flag Law langauge that has PASSED the House. There was a lot of noise about this when this story first broke, and we do our best to break it all down.
Finally, we spend the rest of the show with a nice discussion about running back-up iron sights on your rifles and if it’s a necessity.


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LSLF Forum – 4:50

Cloud Defensive Update – 14:09

Rare Breed Update – 21:45

NDAA Bill – 35:55

Backup Iron Sites – 1:00:35



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