Smith and Wesson M&P12, Rare Breed Suing ATF, and the Future of Firearms

Welcome to another episode of Gears ‘n Beers, streamed live on the LSLF Website , Facebook page, and Youtube every other Wednesday night at 8:30 CST.

Tonight we talk about Smith and Wesson’s new shotgun, the M&P12 (4:12), True Velocity’s polymer cased 308 ammunition(12:35), Mexico is suing US gun manufacturers(19.30), Arcflash Labs GR-1 Anvil, a working Gauss gun that we feel is the future of firearms(29:25), and Rare Breed has backed the ATF into a corner and is suing them(43:43). 

Make sure to tune in live for the next one on 9-1-21 on our website, Facebook or Youtube, join in on the conversation, and have a cold brew or two with us!

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