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Log4j Vulnerability

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Many of you aren't super familiar with infosec/cybersecurity stuff, but this Log4j/Log4Shell thing in the news right now is a HUGE deal. Like, one of the worst things to happen to modern computing in history. Be prepared to have data leaks, hacks, services down, data stolen, you name it. This also applies to all of your personal devices as well: home routers (yes the one that your internet provider gives you), phones (android), smart devices (thermostats, siri/google home/alexa, cameras, etc), computers (PC & Mac), and more. The vulnerability lies in a program called JAVA and guess what, it's on BILLIONS of devices. BILLIONS. Modern operating systems have mainly stopped using it as a dependency, so if you have it installed on your computer, uninstall it. If you have Minecraft on your computer (Minecraft is built on JAVA), uninstall it for a while until they announce it's been patched. 

I'll update more as I know more.

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Damn.......Keep us informed.  I was completely unaware of this.


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