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To Sell, Or Not To Sell, That Is The Question...

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Selling guns....I've always told myself, "Nah, I'll never sell any of these things." But I'm not real sure why. I'm not one of those people who wants a pile of guns just to have them because they're cool, I typically buy things because I have a specific use for them. I have several pistols, most of which I'll never use, but most of them I will definitely not sell because they actually do serve a purpose. But there IS a couple of them that I just don't see a real use for any more. I mean, one of them I bought brand new several years ago and haven't even loaded a mag for it, let alone fire it. No, I don't want to sell any of them. But there are other things out there that would be far more useful.
I'm not exactly sure why I'm posting this. Maybe I just want affirmation that it wouldn't be stupid to sell what I don't use in order to fund what I actually need? I donno.

What are your thoughts on selling firearms?

For some, it's "an investment", but that ain't me. I buy shit to use it.

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I have the same mindset. If it is sitting there collecting dust, I tend to get rid of it. That's money tied up for something else I could want.

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I'm one of the never sell shit guys.  I sold 2 when I first got started and regret the one.  I do view them as an investment, but I also just like having em.  Kind of a collector.  

But I suppose if a gun is worthless to you, and you can't see yourself ever using it, or ever needing to possibly use it in a pinch, there's no harm in selling it.  

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Ive bought and sold dozens of guns over the years, none hold sentimental value, im not a collector. Over the years ive consolidated calibers and simplified/minimized my guns to include a few handguns for carry depending on what im wearing. A couple defensive carbines which include my main go to rifle, a backup rifle(mainly for parts), along with a pdw type "pistol", and a couple .22lrs with a couple shotguns for hunting. I only need to worry about buying 4 different calibers.


Ill buy and sell trying to find the best gun for its intended purpose, no way i could afford everything i wanted along the way, so things had to go to help with other projects.

For example, i had a glock 26, traded for a ruger lc9, traded that for a m&p shield, traded that for a kahr cm9, traded that for a g43, then ultimately ended up with a P365 and now the p365 fills the role of mutiple ccw guns.

In my opinion theres no reason to have a bunch of stuff that collects dust unless its sentimental. Just my 2 cents




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